Team Competition Has Been Added To Sisu Fit Games!

If it couldn’t make these games anymore exciting, now contestants have the choice of competing solo or joining together with a few of their friends or coworkers to crank out some body weight exercises in hopes of that cash jackpot!  There is nothing that can be more motivating than the thought of working together as a team, and pushing each other to achieve their best!

Here are the rules:

  • Same rules and fees apply in regards to exercise format and registration.
    • Each contestant completes their EOD on their own time, using their own recording.
    • If you wish to complete the exercises with your teammate(s), each contestant must be responsible for their own recording and point submission.
    • Contestants are not able to combine points on their points submission form.
  • Teams are made up of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 contestants.
  • Once all point submission forms have been received by the end of the day, a teams points are calculated by the following:
    • Total points are added up among the team contestants and divided by the the number of contestants that are registered on the team.
      • A team that has 4 registered contestants each submit point forms and the total for the day is 860.  The teams calculated points for the day would be 860/4 = 215
      • In this example, a contestant does not complete any repetitions for the day, the total among the points submitted is still divided by 4.
      • Point values will be taken to the 1/100 to prevent tie.
  • Cash jackpot will be distributed to the team which will be divided equally among the team members.
  • The winnings if received by mail, will be sent to the teams captain (stated on entry form).

So get your friends together and form your team.  Come up with a team name, and get practicing!

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