Sisu Fit Games: Nutritional Corner

Yes, Sisu Fit Games is about helping people become stronger and healthier through daily exercise routines tailored for those in somewhat decent shape to those who are completely out of shape.  I do believe from my years of being a college instructor in Exercise Science and Health Sciences, I do have some understanding and knowledge about food and nutrition that can help our contestants make faster progress towards those goals.  That being said, each contestant will see my eBook on the EOD page they can download for free in which I go into detail about my success utilizing the “Veg-Aleo” diet.  Here was my photo after eating veg-aleo for about 12 months.


IMG_3796 (2)

I wanted to provide a brief section of the book that highlights the biggest challenge facing humans every day on every grocery store isle.

“…I absolutely LOVE discussing food and nutrition.  Without question, it has been my double edge sword my entire life.  I love food so much; I have a hard time disconnecting the emotional pleasure that comes along with it.  I think like most, growing up we relate food to reward, and it is typically the unhealthy kind of food as well.  Do a good deed, you get ice cream, celebrate an event, have some cake, and a more personal one; was when I was much younger, we lived in Texas, where you couldn’t get Tasty Cakes (northeast delight!).  When my dad would travel up the Pennsylvania for work, he would stock his brief case with all sorts of treats to bring home for us.  Within a week, my brother and I demolished every last one of them!   We found that it was almost a competition to eat more so we could have a greater share of the sweets!  Nonetheless, I enjoy food, the sweeter; the better!

“Stay off the crack!”

Yes, unfortunately, sugar is really no different than any addictive drug.  It is a primal instinct that rewarded modern man for finding the sweetest tasting fruit on the land.  But no longer is it fruit, it is machine made, highly processed, artificially added, and extremely addictive food-like food.  Isn’t that crazy to think, thousands of years ago, finding a luscious fruit was a pleasurable experience to the human.  Now, eating fruit for most people is really not that special.   But a deep fried treat or sugar enriched substance is what people now define as a treat.  I am gonna drop a truth bomb on you right now:  Food companies goal is to get you addicted to their product!   I am probably not surprising you, however, if you struggle with resisting these processed foods, than their objective is working!  If you can imagine, every food that comes from a box, package or bag that consists of ingredients MORE than the actual ingredient, than that food has gone through food scientists that are paid to create something called a “bliss” factor.  This bliss factor is when you taste something that consists of the right amount of fat, sugar, and salt, which your tastes buds say “WOW, I want to have more of that!”  That, is what they are looking for:  A repeat customer for life.   As you can believe, this is not the correct path that will lead you to getting into the best shape of your life.  All this does is flip a switch in your brain that wants you craving more.

So why is this bad, outside of the obvious?  A basic understanding of body processes teaches us that when we consume food, our cellular survival for all animals is to convert it to glucose(the simplest form of sugar).  The rate at which our bodies can convert it to glucose determines the response of the body to complete this action.  Before moving forward, you must understand an important word that all humans survive by, which is known as homeostasis.  You have probably heard this word before, but it is our body’s ability to maintain set parameters to sustain life.  For example, our body works just like a thermostat working to maintain a set temperature.  When it gets too cold, the heater kicks on to bring it back up; conversely, when it gets too hot, the A/C unit kicks on to cool it off.  Our body reacts this way for body temperature, hormone regulation, blood sugar balance and so much more.   When we eat carbohydrates (breads, pastas, basically all starches), our body can break these down the easiest to convert to glucose.    Depending on how easy our body converts to glucose determines the body’s hormonal reaction. If we eat something that has a high sugar content such as candy, cookies, crackers, chips, bread ( I will provide a list later), our body immediately receives an overload of sugar in the blood and our body fights to regain homeostasis.  To do this, our pancreas releases a hormone called insulin, which goes after the excess sugar and converts it to fat to store for possible famine.  Unfortunately, in our society today, famine is almost non-existent, so our bodies continue to store more and more fat.   Now, when we eat carbohydrates that have a much lower sugar content, referred to as complex carbohydrates (vegetables, most fruit, beans, legumes, sweet potatoes, to name a few), our body is not able to convert to sugar as quickly, so our body does not panic and send insulin out to convert and store as fat.  So as you can see from this example, we MUST focus on eating foods that do not quickly convert to sugar.  This has been documented as the Glycemic Index.  You can easily search online for the GI chart to see which foods are good and not good to eat.  The key is that you want to eat foods that have a GI score of less than 55.  My goal is always to consume most of my calories with scores less than 20.  Just remember, the higher that number, the more your body will respond by releasing insulin, which will only create crashes later leading to food cravings.  As you can see, if we wish to keep our body out of panic mode and relieve some pressure on pancreas having to constantly release insulin, than eating foods that are low on the Glycemic index is the first step towards Reinvention.”

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