“Why” Sisu Fit Games?

I hope by now that most people have seen my passion in the introduction of the Sisu Fit Games, and I have a completed a few video and written posts describing how and why the concept for the games came to me.  For those of you reading this and being your fist introduction to the Sisu Fit Games, I will quickly explain that the Sisu Fit Games is an online fitness community that focuses on people who are out of shape, deconditioned, overweight and the like, and provides them an opportunity each month to compete in body weight exercises with modifications that can be completed in the privacy of your own home, and through the course of the day, can accumulate points to increase their rankings in the games.  In this age of social media, every time I view a page devoted to health and wellness, there are thousands of people who deserve so much credit whether it be a near zero body fat percentage, or a physical test of strength or endurance that only a elite athlete could accomplish.  For many of us, like me, it can be inspiring, but the end of the day, practically unattainable for person who is not able to dedicate most of their time to achieve that status.  I have always wanted to help those who have continued to struggle with their overall health or fitness levels.  I myself, have been fortunate to be involved in fitness most of my life, yet have continued to struggle with fluctuating weight and times of inactivity leading to weight gain and depression.  I think of those who do not even have the good fortune of being around fitness and exercise, who may even struggle more than I do.


As you can see, I have been no role model of health and fitness.  I definitely try to exercise a few times a week, however, my daily challenge of wanting that awesome body and also wanting that plate of nachos is a daily struggle, one I am sure many can relate to.

This is my WHY.  I have heard a few times, that if you are ever struggling with a situation in your life, go help another human.  That is my passion in life, helping others.  Sisu Fit Games was the Universe telling me how to have the greatest impact on the most amount of people who struggle each day with that same conflict as I do, if not even greater.

Every day I get more and more excited about the future of Sisu Fit Games!  I wake up each day excited to think about someone who has battled their own demons, but just a simple click onto an app (coming soon) or website, and they see an exercise that they can complete 1 of the 3 versions, and they get their cell phone and record their 2 minute clip.  They submit their points, and they do it again, and again, and again.  And for once, rather than feeling defeated, they see their name on the leader board.  If not at the top, within striking distance of getting that top spot.  Knowing that if they want that top spot, it’s not they have to be the strongest or fastest, but they must have that consistent effort to get up and perform their clip, rather than sitting down and scrolling social media or eating a snack.  THAT is what excites me!  I so look forward to contestants competing for $1000, $5,000, and even $10,000 monthly jackpots, and YES, it is going to happen!

Sisu Fit Games will catch on.  It will have the greatest impact on the lives of non-active individuals, more than any other fitness revolution that has been seen to date.  


I hope you join us!

Healthy Regards,


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