The Numbers Don’t Lie

According to the CDC report that came out in April, 37% of the population above the age of 20 is obese.  More alarming, 77% of the population is overweight.  Now, being a guy who has lifted weights most of my life, our country uses a mathematical formula that started back in the 50’s and unfortunately is a bit outdated in response to the populations health status.  Body Mass Index has been used, and this formula is a height to weight ratio, that does not factor in a persons muscular make up.  Even when I was at 205lbs and 12% body fat, my BMI was borderline obese at 29.8.  30 is industry standard for obesity.  So, that being said, every football player in the NFL and college is probably obese according to national standards.  But in reality, I am sure that from a percentage standpoint, those numbers are very small of that group.

So, let’s just say that not including the overweight population, we will stick with the obese population and according to the Census Bureau website, there are 82 million people between the ages of 25 to 44.  So if 37% are, let’s say, not in shape, that equates to about 31 million people.  So looking at the Sisu Fit Games, my goal is to motivate that classification of people to register and compete for the Sisu Fit Games.  I am very confident that at least 75% of those people can perform 1 of the 3 modifications of each body weight exercise.  So that brings us to 23 million people.  If half of those registered and competed for the games, that would be a cash jackpot of $58,000,000 each and every month that 3 winners would split.  Can you believe that? That is AWESOME!

Let’s spread the word and get everyone we can registered for the games!  Remember, we focus on consistent effort, not being the fastest or the strongest.  This concept alone creates a much more level playing field.

Healthy Regards!

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