Guidelines on Sisu Fit Game Winners

It is easy to see that in any competition, you will have varying levels of ability, and even with our guidelines focused towards individuals who have become or are deconditioned, overweight, and inactive, there will still be those who meet the criteria to enroll and have a distinct advantage.  First, I do believe that how the competition is designed, and the point system calculated, the winners of the competition will not be the ones who seem to have that physical advantage, but the ones who have the consistent effort.  As outlined, points are calculated on each 2 minute clip, and competitors are allowed to complete as many in the window as they wish.  I believe this will level out the playing field for all enrolled in the games.

However, there are always exceptions to the rule, so Sisu Fit Games has the following winning guidelines:

  • A 1st Place winner must have a 3 month waiting period following the win.
  • No contestant can win more than 2 times in a 12 month period (1st Place).
    • After the 2nd 1st place victory, the contestant will be required to wait 12 months from the date of the first win.
  • Contestants who achieve 2nd and 3rd place, may continue to compete in the games until that contestant achieves 3 placings (2nd or 3rd) in a 12 month period.  Upon completing, the  contestant must wait 3 months before re-entering the games.
  • Contestants are not required to resubmit a registration fee but are required to submit a competition fee as all contestants do each month of competition.

Of course, the goal is never to demotivate anyone, but the ultimate goal is to provide motivation to all who register for the games!  Good Luck!

Notice:  Registration fee goes up to $20 on July 1st!

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