I Can SEE It SO Clearly!

Did you ever have those moments when something in your life just consumes the mind, and it creates so much activity in the brain, that the last thing you want to do is go to sleep, and even when you awake, it’s right there almost as if standing on the side of your bed saying, “good morning, let’s go!”  Over the last several days as I have been getting more details in line, working on the Sisu Fit Games mobile app, and brainstorming about the exercises that will be introduced to the Games, it has created this unwavering excitement about what the Sisu Fit Games truly mean, and who they were designed for.  If you followed my earlier blogs, you already know that these games are not for the men and women you see on all those fitness pages and social media accounts, performing super human feats of strength, endurance, and flexibility.  Those people I applaud, you have a gift that you discovered and have nourished to exceptionalism.  I congratulate you.  But No, these games are not for you.

Last evening as I laid in bed, I started getting goosebumps thinking about who and why I created these games.  I started thinking about that person who has been inactive for a very long time, maybe has never performed a squat, or hasn’t in a very long time.  They click on the Sisu Fit Games Mobile App (coming soon) and see their EOD and it’s squats.  Immediately they feel a sense of disappointment, but they watch the EOD video and see that the first modification is a chair touch and they begin to feel some sense of enthusiasm, but still a gut feeling of hesitation.  Wondering if they even deserve to be involved in any competition where fitness is the events.   Then they see the third modification, which is chair sits and stand.  They all of sudden realize, “that is something I can do!”  Excitement fills their soul, now a reason that they can engage in some exercises during the day.  They realize that they get tired after a few, but know for 2 minutes, they will do as many as they can.  Throughout the day, there is that inner excitement that they want to do well and see their name on the leader board, so instead of taking out their phone to scroll social media, they do a 2 minute clip of chair sit and stand, and then they do another.  After a few weeks, they have graduated to chair touches and a few weeks after that, they are doing full Air Squats!  Something they never thought they would do in their life!  Because they can sit in a chair and stand, they can compete in the Sisu Fit Games!  How exciting is that!?

Then the same scenario crossed into my mind, so many people who are unable to complete a proper push up, or even a modified push up, but they can push themselves off a wall.  They can compete in the Sisu Fit Games!  A person who could only hold a plank for several seconds, can improve to 2 minutes over time!  I get goose bumps writing about it now!  That is Sisu Fit Games!  Those are Sisu Fit Game Champions!  One and all!

I can see this all so clearly how these games will revolutionize in home fitness and exercise completely!  I can see thousands and thousands of people waking up and pushing that app button and deciding that their first action of the day is to complete a 2 minute round, starting their day off on the right foot and giving them more energy and excitement to tackle the day.  People who have never competed in any fitness event, seeing themselves on the leader boards and winning cash:  Not because they are stronger, not because they are faster, or have more endurance; but because they have decided to replace non-meaningful events in their day with healthy and productive exercise that increase their sense of health and well being.

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That is Sisu!  These are the Sisu Fit Games:  Recognizing the spirit of working hard, and never, never, giving up.  Make sure you get registered before July 1st to save $15 off the 1-time registration fee.

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