EOD #2: Push Ups (Modification)

As already stated, the EOD (Exercise of the Day) for day 2 will be pushups.  In the last blog, it was demonstrated how to perform correctly a standard push up that will be worth 10 points.  This post is to show how to complete a modified push up correctly, which will be worth 5 points each.  As with the same principals of a standard push up, the body must be completely in line, where as now instead of the feet, the knees act as your fulcrum.  View the illustrations below of a correct modified push up:

Aviary Photo_131427394605194967Aviary Photo_131427395243705624

Next, you will see how modified push ups can be done incorrectly.  Typically, due to inadequate upper body strength, the pelvis is left in the air to minimize total body weight that must be lifted.  Second image shows that a weakened core will result in the pelvis dropping below the imaginary line.  Either image will not be a correct push up to receive points.  In the event a contestant is not able to complete a modified, or can no longer, the wall push up will be demonstrated in the next blog.  View the images for an incomplete or improper push up:

Aviary Photo_131427395798276260Aviary Photo_131427396572125379

Keep practicing, and looking forward to seeing you at the starting line!

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