EOD #2: Push Ups (Standard)

The second exercise of the Sisu Fit Games will be the push up.  There will be 1 standard pushup, which we will discuss today in regards to correct and incorrect form, and 2 modifications which will be discussed on the next entry.  The point value for completing a correct standard push up is 10 points.  Let’s look at a correct push up:

Aviary Photo_131423946116158835Aviary Photo_131423944547258533

The key to performing a correct push up is to remember that your feet are an axis point, and the body is the lever.  I always imagine that there is a metal rod through my body and I am as rigid as that rod.  Not allowing any part of my body to alter that position of a straight line from the shoulders to the feet.  For a complete 10 points, the portion of the arm (upper arm) from the elbows to the shoulder must go to parallel from the floor.  This should put you approximately 1-2 inches from the floor.  It is possible with a larger mid section that the stomach will touch first, at that point, the contestant is able to proceed upward position.

Now, let’s look at a couple incorrect forms of the push up:

Aviary Photo_131423914984508566Aviary Photo_131423946416725421.png

These two images are typically a result of a weakened core, not able to stabilize the spine and midsection.  The shoulders will typically rise first before the core is able to engage.  The second picture also is a result of the weakened core, and the user will attempt to keep the core in an upward position lessening the load on the spine stabilizers.  If the contestant is unable to complete the push up in the proper form, they may switch to one of the 2 modifications which will be discussed in the next entry.  Register and start practicing!

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