Preliminaries Going On Now!

Register for the 2017 Sisu Fit Games and save$15!  Preliminaries going on now, allowing you to view the EOD’s and practice your form and get yourself prepared for Open Contest on September 1st, 2017.  See how you compare with your competition during the preliminaries, and work to get yourself in to that Number 1 spot!

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Here are the first round of exercises that will be completed at the start of the games.  Tutorials soon to follow, stay tuned!

Example of Exercises:

Exercises Points Phase 1 Points Phase 2 Points Phase 3
Squats: Completed Full Chair Assist Chair Sits
10 5 2
Burpee Full w/jump Full no jump Step version
10 7 5
Pushup Full Straight Modified Non straight Mod
10 5 2
Sit Up Non Assist Assist Assist Partial
10 5 2
Knee Tucks Horizontal Tuck
Plank Full Straight
1pt /sec
Froggy Complete
Breakdancer Complete Modified
5 3

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