Registration is Now Open!

cropped-cropped-imageedit_1_8778222918.pngWelcome to the 2017 Sisu Fit Games Open!  These games are the first of their kind and with a doubt create a huge buzz of excitement!  First class set to begin on July 1st, 2017!  Who can participate?

First, let me tell you why these games were created:  If anyone has been paying attention to the sports channels, there is a fitness event going on which has some of the most well conditioned and strong athletes in our world!  Watching these events, you can’t be anything but super impressed!  I really don’t know of any athletes in greater condition than these men and women.  Near super human!  The hours upon hours of training and commitment to achieve such a level is pondering to the mind.  Like any elite athlete, many will try, but only such a few will obtain.

For many, just being able to exercise for 20 minutes in a day is an accomplishment.  According to statistics, we are heaviest and most out of shape as a country we have ever been.  And the sad part is, it continues to get worse.  These are the people I want to see register for the Sisu Fit Games!  An ongoing month long fitness competition where contestants perform basic body weight exercises in the comfort of their own home, in which they record and post to put themselves at the tops of the leader boards.  Basic exercises like push ups (or even modified if unable to perform!), air squats (or chair sits if unable to perform!) and much more!  All the details are on our main page, but the best part is, the top 3 male and females take home the cash!  Each month, every month!

It’s time to dust off those running/exercise shoes, break out the gym shorts, and install a few apps and get yourself registered!

To register:

  • over the age of 25
  • Body Mass Index of 30 or higher

SISU:  Finnish word with no English translation:  Perseverance, determination, guts, steadfastness, stubborn, will to win.

Have you got SISU in you?


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